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BHJAvatar200_CartoonI was born in Arizona in 1948, went to school in Akron, Ohio and have a BBA from Kent State University (Yes, of the National Guard “fame.” I missed the entire thing by about ten minutes).

I spent eight years in the U.S. Navy as a Nuclear Power Engineering Laboratory Technician both on a ship and as an instructor in Idaho. Once leaving the Navy in 1978, I moved to Los Angeles and spent the next ten years as a computer programmer. Much of my duty involved documenting the various programs, languages and systems I worked on.

In 1988, I joined a consulting group specializing in large computer system documentation where I've been ever since. The group has evolved from straight “technical documentation” to business process analysis, providing solutions to problems and eliminating organizational waste (Lean engineering).

All my writing is in my spare time. Writing as BJohn, Sorcerer: The Inner Circle was my first fiction work except for a very short story in the fifth grade.

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