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Story World

The Free Spirit Universe is a story world (Orson Scott Card). In writing SciFi, fantasy, alternate worlds, etc., the story world rules. You've got to have it well thought out and consistent; that's probably one reason the Harry Potter stories and movies have been so successful.

FSU Story World

Free spirits. That means the spirit which is the person (you) can be freed from the body. Much of the plot deals with discovering the free spirit's abilities as well as the effect it might have on both the spirit and the world around it.

They are set (in the beginning) in Burbank, California. Sorry, not many surfer dudes. While the story locations match pretty well to the real world, don't expect to find McCambridge High School at Burbank Blvd. and 3d St. The names have been changed to protect the somewhat-innocent. The world is normal and most of the people are the type you'd expect to find in our current world -- except those who the Sorcerer and friends have influenced.

Keep an eye on the people around you in the real world. Which of them just might be one of the Sorcerer's friends?

Note: These are adult novels with some violence, explicit sex and interesting philosophical viewpoints.

The word counts include the story text only, not all the additional verbiage such as the Glossary.

Sorcerer 1

Sorcerer 1


Sorcerer: The Inner Circle

Book 1 of the Sorcerer. What happens when an ordinary empath (a person who can sense other’s emotions) when he meets a wonderful lady and they fall in love? There are some problems right away: she’s willing, but there’s a major family issue involved so she can’t date. Can the Sorcerer’s magic of making things go right find a way through this?

How does the revelation of the family secret change Bob and Natalie's relationship? How does it change her family?

Join Bob, Natalie, Sherry and George as they learn about their capabilities as spirits while they help their friends and expand their Inner Circle of Brain Trust friends. As they rediscover old abilities, their influence spreads. Find out what it means to be a telempath (an empath and a telepath). What is a touch?

Find out how they avenge the violence done to one of their new friends and how they plan to handle other criminals as they run across them. Do they become vigilantes out to save the world?

Set in the world of Southern California (Burbank), the Inner Circle’s outward appearance seems very “normal.” However, over all of that normal appearance is a group of people who discover their heritage as free beings in a world of mundanes.

This is an adult romance exploring the nature of the spirit and its relationship to the world we know. Once you read this, your life may never be the same.

27 Chapters, 203,000 words plus Glossary. Book Options

Sorcerer 2

Sorcerer 2


Sorcerer: The Clann

Book 2 of the Sorcerer. Seems like the Sorcerer is still around. Lots of people know him and want to help him share his “magic.” Expanding groups, loyalties and responsibilities test his abilities.

Meet Kathleen Donovan and find out how she appears in the saga. She’s an “airhead” but has inherited control of many successful business. How does an airhead meet the challenge? What’s the relation between the mundane airhead and the Sorcerer?

The ladies around the Sorcerer have a devious plot to railroad him into being the head of the Clann (an Irish family). Do they succeed? What difference does it make in their lives?

Why were Kathleen’s parents murdered and how did she escape their fate? What’s going on in Redmond, Washington, and why do Bob and Kat have to get personally involved.

Cabo San Lucas in southern Mexico is a famous luxury resort. However, not far inland all that luxury turns to poverty-stricken families because of El Gordo Bandito. He’s been terrorizing the area for years and the very thought of his gang showing up strikes terror in the hearts of the citizens. How do Bob, Kat and his colleagues handle him?

29 Chapters, 216,000 words plus Glossary. Book Options

Sorcerer 3

Sorcerer 3


Sorcerer: Interesting Times

Book 3 of the Sorcerer. “May you live in interesting times” can be a curse or a blessing. Which is it for Sorcerer and the Clanns? New horizons, new challenges, new allies and new mysteries greet them wherever they turn.

Sean Cullen, a very successful entrepreneur, meets a wonderful lady and they immediately fall for each other. The problem is that she’s only four months old. How long will Sean and his Best Girl have to wait for each other?

The women in Sean’s life have definite plans for him and Clann Cullen. He thinks his Clann is him, his sisters and their immediate family. The Cullen Sisters know different and let him know in no uncertain terms.

When Clann Cullen meets Clann Reynolds, will they get along? What’s the major difference between the two Clanns? They could be close friends or bitter enemies; after all, they’re just across a couple Southern California hills from each other.

How did Bob Reynolds get his first name? Did his parents dislike him that much when he was born? Find out why Reginald Robert Kelly’s will left a cameo to Bob’s mother and what it means to all of them.

Does that abandoned alien base on the Moon really mean anything? If the aliens aren’t there any more, do they still pose a threat? Does a teleportation rig the size of a New York city block give the Clanns anything to work with?

35 Chapters, 276,000 words plus Cast and Glossary. Book Options

Sorcerer 3

Sorcerer 4


Sorcerer: Very Interesting

Book 4 of the Sorcerer. “May you live in interesting times” can be a curse or a blessing. Things get Very Interesting as the Clanns make new discoveries and bring more mysteries to light.

The Clanns expand across the Earth and explore the alien base on the back side of the Moon. Can a cunning linguist break the language when the base is -100 degrees at 5 pounds air pressure? At least it’s an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere.

The Artificial Intelligences in the Moon Base have no answers to the question of why the aliens were there in the first place. Why are there two very powerful transmitters aimed directly at the Earth? Surely not for bagpipe music or rock and roll.

Now that there are so many free spirits across the world, there’s definite talk of electing a King and Queen. Make a guess at who they’re thinking of. Does Bob submit to the demand?

What discovery prompts the Clanns to build an exploration ship to get to the alien’s home world? Do they get involved in a Galactic war of conquest?

Why are there so many sleeping and unaware spirits piled up on Earth? Other worlds appear to have only several billion, while Earth has several quadrillion.

32 Chapters, 269,000 words plus Cast and Glossary. Book Options

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