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You can find print versions of the Sorcerer series on, If you’ve visited it before, you saw only one size and investment ($) available. Fortunately, lulu has created a new size which has some possible advantages.

US Trade Edition

This is a very high-quality paperback:

  • 6” x 9”
  • Black/white print
  • Full color laminated cover
  • Heavy paper
  • 11-point serif font (Book Antiqua for easier reading.

When would you get this edition?

  • You will use it a lot; perhaps everyone in your 10-person household will want to read it.
  • You want the best quality possible at a reasonable price (I’ve never even priced a hard-cover edition)

Digest Edition

This compares very favorably to a good bookstore-quality paperback:

  • 5.5” x 10.5”
  • Black/white print
  • Full color laminated cover
  • Light paper (probably about 20#, standard but not flimsy)
  • 10-point serif font (Book Antiqua). It’s smaller, but the narrower page with keeps it very readable.

When would you get this edition?

  • Bookshelf size is a consideration. Although it is smaller and has more pages, it is still a little bit thinner than the US Trade edition.
  • Lighter use. You can easily hold it in one hand. You might only read it 10 times instead of your 10-person family wanting to read it several times. It is still excellent quality and should last for years.
  • Price is a consideration (when isn’t it?). The price is a direct reflection of lulu’s manufacturing cost. With thinner paper and a more “standard” size (it’s 1/2 a letter-size sheet), the manufacturing cost is 22 to 25% less than the US Trade edition. I pass that savings along to you.

If you really like print versions, you might consider getting the electronic editions and printing it yourself. You might have inexpensive access to a duplex (double-sided) printer at work and don’t mind it in a notebook. Of course, you could bind it yourself.

Consider the time and material cost it would take to do all that and compare it to getting at least the digest edition.

Leave a comment and let us know how you like your literature – print or electronic.