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Did a reload of WordPress (the blogging software) and configured it. Only took an hour or so of computer time.

The Sorcerer (and Best Girl) novels were originally published on SOL. I’ve reposted the first book, Sorcerer: The Inner Circle and the Deleted Scenes.

This blog is here for several reasons:

  • I’ve gotten feedback and questions from quite a few readers on SOL about various aspects of the universe. Perhaps other readers might be interested in the answers.
  • I wasn’t totally satisfied with the novels as posted on SOL. They were my first passes, even though I did a lot of editing.
  • I did a lot of major edits on all the novels to increase the readability – yes, I even cut down a good deal of the sex. While it’s germane to the stories, even I used a lot of PgDn.
  • Maybe these could be commercially viable.

Anyway, keep tuned to this blog for further developments; let me know what you want.