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Larry Brook's Story Engineering is out now. I've held off on reviewing it until I've actually read it. I've done that now, so here's my opinion.

Larry Brook's Story Engineering

Story Engineering is a paper book and deserves the premier spot on your writer's reference bookshelf. It is not merely a compliation of his many blog posts at, although we can find a lot of its content there.  It's a smooth treatise on the Six Core Competencies (an more) for begining and long-time writers alike.

As I'm re-writing my four novels, this will be the stable data which I will follow.

If it were 20% of your library, it will enable you to deliver over 80% of your best product. I can't praise it any higher.

Check it out now. Look at the Table of Contents and sneak a peek. Buy it. It's one reference you cannot afford not to have whether your a pantser, a blueprinter or anywhere in between.

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