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Let’s talk about a free spirit universe. This is a world where people discover they don’t have a soul; they are a soul, a spirit which can free itself from the flesh.

Close your eyes and think of a beautiful sunset. What is looking at that picture of a sunset? It sure isn’t the body’s eyes. It’s you, the spirit, looking at it. Maybe this universe isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem at first glance.

The novels I've written are stories about people who discover this universe and some of its implications. Could you do it? Who knows?

These aren't stories of teen-age angst or “character development.” I figure that the game should be “our group against the world” rather than “how much can I screw up my personal relationships with jealousy, mis-communication and stupid actions.”

You’ll notice immediately we’re looking at Irish characters. I’m not Irish, so forgive my errors. I picked the Irish for the flavor of the language; all I really know about the customs and the language (Gaelic) comes right off the Internet.

Fair warning: These are adult novels with romance and sex. Maybe too much sex for some. If it offends you and you still like the story, just keep turning the pages.

The main concept of the Free Spirit Universe is that the spirit which is you can be freed from the body without harm to either.

As you read the stories, note that the StoryWorld (Ingermanson, et. al.), apparent moral codes (mainly about sex), events, characters, abilities and most everything is my imagination and don't reflect any currently-known facts. The actual cities such as Burbank do exist, but beyond that don't count on much.

Thank you to L. Ron Hubbard, whose philosophy forms the basis for many of the ideas you find here. If I mention something that I know is one of his ideas or technologies, I'll attempt to give you a direct Internet reference to it -- some are part of his large volumes of work and aren't really available on line. About the only exception is his (and my) knowledge that people (you and me) are actual spirits.

These works have no connection with Mr. Hubbard or any of the organizations he developed or have been developed since his death. I neither speak for nor represent them in any way beyond being somewhat knowledgeable about Mr. Hubbard's work. You can “blame” everything in the story world on me except those areas I've specifically noted.

"Chinese Curses" in order of severity:

  • May you live in interesting times (More likely Scottish than Chinese).
  • May you come to the attention of those in authority.
  • May you find what you are looking for.

Thank you to the many readers on SOL ( who gave me constructive feedback and caught a lot of my typos.

Relax and enjoy; may you ladies experience the Sorcerer’s Grip!

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